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Point Blank with Lucman – 1st November 2010 – Punjab Govt Curroption

Point Blank with Lucman – 1st November 2010 – Punjab Govt Curroption

  • shinning

    i am totally agreed with rehan as far as the program improvement is concerned and also in the host perspective… and also that the cause of the program is Good.. so definitely the cause or the moto of the program is really appreciating!!!!!!!!!

  • karachi

    Khi mai jab mqm ki govt thi tu karachi jagmaga raha tha. Mustafa kamal nay karachi ki develment mai koi kasr nahi chori aur is ki misaal puray pakistan mai nahi milti. aur mqm key khilaf koi corruption ka case nahi hai. Aur mqm ki pakistan ki wahid jamat hai jis ki koi fake degree nahi nikli. Aur khi mai jo development hui iska itraaf sari dunya kerti hai. Sum of da awards dat r given to Mustafa kamal:

    1. Mayor of da moment. from euro money awards.

    2. young global leader awards from World economic forum.

    Aray yaar khi mai jo horaha hai yeh woh log kerahay hain jo khi sey jalteyhain. ANP walo ko khi say out kerdo khi ka masla hal hojai ga.

  • Azhar

    Mubasher saheb karachi main bhi bura haal hai…wahan MQM ki govt hai,,unkay baray main bhi kuch farmain

  • rehan

    i dont like the attitude of the host ….he doesnt behave well with others… i had seen his few programs and in all that ..he treated harshly and with the rough attitude… and he tries to impose his opinion.. and he always try to deal others one sided and one handed… in this program when the telephonic conversation was going on … he didnt listen the point of viewo of other person whether he is wrong or right… also he talk to him unethically and insulted him and just try to conclude he is (host) is 100% on the right…. this program should be balanced and there are lots of things that can be done for improvement of this program…….But I like the cause of the program is Good!!!