Khabernak 31st october 2010


Khabernak 31st october 2010






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  • anonymous

    cheaters: copying hasbe haal ( sofia mirza ko bitha dia just like najia )

  • Ammar

    ye show thora thora vulger hota ja raha ha

    Family show rakhey aftab usko to behter ha

    ye punjabi stage drama ni ha jo aftab iqbal ne skhawat naz ko open chora hua ha

  • noman

    mrs ilyas aapko sharam aani chahiye aap har kaam mein punjabi urdu le aate ho we are all same we are pakistani so respect every one as pakistani plzzzzzzzzzzzz if i hurt you sorry lakin plzz dont try to split the nation

  • hakim

    the topics should be more interested and important .The script of king khan is meaning less

  • Ali

    going's show was much much better than previous..

  • mrs ilyas

    a punjabi show meant for punjabis to watch and appreciate. nothing special or new.

  • Ali

    nice show aab to show bhat behtar ho gaya hai.Allah aap ko is ma mazeed taraki dy