Qamar Zaman Qaira Sharing Cigarette with Mehar Bukhari


Qamar Zaman Qaira Sharing Cigarettes with Mehar Bukhari

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  • ali009

    Whar the hell man , this is none of anyone's business. Is she the only woman in pakistan who smokes?

  • Pagla

    Maybe we should start minding our own business own induvidual level now so that this nation is worth something when its zero years old(its -40 years old now since after the flood).

  • Munsif Ali

    Reading comments here,one can only pray that wish sanity prevail over narrow mindedness in our country.hey folks…is there any thing u know the individual right and freedom??Let poor mehar bukhari in peace.Who ever smokes,has not traditional style or one u dislike,then just bear it.Diversity is part of this universe…various weathers,various times,life cycle,diversity in colors,flowers,foods and diversity in human thinking.Thats why I request you kindly show some grace and open mindedness,grow up and learn to respect one’s individual freedom.DOnt impose on others wht u like is the great for u.Dont get preyed to self righteous attitudes and dont shoot garbage language against any one who differs with u.Pls grow up my people.

  • ALI


  • Pakistani

    mehr bukhari ka itna bhot ghanda taste… Aj tu sutta pee rahi hain kal pata ni kiya kiya peeya hoga

  • Hussain

    Smoking is a source of fashion and style for rich people. This is a such habit which is owned easily and eagerly.

  • Sheraz Khan

    Aray bahio ghor karo ye mehr Bukhari nei hai wo gei to dosri larhki aa kar beth gei . larhtay kion ho ghor to karo paglo

  • anonymous

    @very disappointed pakistani, no doubt u r disapointed pakistani n i bet u will b in future. go n research first before writing a digusting essay….

  • nadeem

    so whats wrong in it , if she take smoke so i think there nothing any wrong, grow up pakistaniyu,, be open … and pls stop comments about Meher Bokhari, if she is wrong so its non of our business but who we are to comments like bitch etc…

  • saeeeee

    people there r 2 ladies ….

    one in black shirt and the one in car is in blue print ….. plz dont mix up 2 ladies ….

  • very disappointed pa

    farhaj kia post maree hay…

    but still I will say…

    meher bukharee…kabi mairay saath koi raat guzaar tumhain subha taaakkkk main karoop yaarrrrr….

  • Farhaj

    1. Mr. Nazir Naji and his land drama audio tape…

    2. Mr. Hamid Mir with his tape talking to TTP

    3. Mr. Hassan Nisar with his trashy mouth calling Dr. Qadeer Khan a thief

    4. Again, Mr. Nisar by stating that Muslims have not created one Genius because in his own opinion

    – Prof. and Dr. Allama Iqbal

    – Quaid-e-Azam

    – Dr. Qadeer

    – Dr. Samar

    – Mr. Imran Khan

    are nowhere near being a genius

    BUT! Mr. Abdus Salam is a genius who believed in a false prophet. A prophet who had more than a dozen health problems of his own and died in a toilet. Dr. Salam was awarded the noble peace prize not for what he did but for exposing some of the secrets from our nuclear reactor.

    And, now Ms. Bukhaari exchanging cigarette with an airhead who was spending money like hell in NY's brothel.

    However, it dont matter to us because we are a dysfunctional brain dead nation.


    We will also forget this video too soon as we shut down our computer/laptop.

    We will still watch Meher advocating the nation with all its problems on her TV show while she fights the politicians and tries everything possible to expose their faces which are already exposed but we are too blind to see.

    We are going to spend a lot of our imaginative energy in imagining and wishing if i could be the guy to have that one night stand with Meher but da*mn, it had to be Kaaira.

    End of story!

  • very disappointed pa

    meher bukhari…kabi mairay saaathhh 1 raaaat guzaaaar tugay subha takkkk main karoon pyaaaar….

  • very disappointed pa

    meher bukhari…kabi mairay saaathhh 1 raaaat guzaaaar tugay subha takkkk main karoob oyaaaar….

  • kamran

    i don't know if this video is taken recentaly or before the month of Ramadan everyone should avoid,smoking,drinking or eating in the public..if they don't fast

  • Dildaar Bokhari

    Can anyone tell where Qaira and Pervaiz Ashraf are carrying Meher Bokhari? My personal guess is that they have hired her and are going to perform a threesome in some five star hotel.

  • kalo khan

    bro i never like her talk show becuse the she speaks is totalyy SHIT..ibe camera is ko dakh raha hai tu ya aytni Bari GUSti hai ..camea ager na watch kar raha hoo tu phir tu ya Clothes uter dayy Ma ki Lorii

  • Pakistani Janawars

    More than a American slut she is a typical Punjabi whore, what else can you expect from bitches living in LaWhore. I mean all their life they get trained in the prestigious institutes of Heera Mandi, where they are trained in the fine Arts of Singing, Dancing, Fucking and Stealing, all whole some Punjabi values. You motherfuckers act all surprised when one of your own Punjabi girl act like a whore. I wonder why in the world all Prostitutes, Hijras and Choras are Punjabis. Hmmmmm

  • mohammad saleem

    i have repeatedly mentioned that – there is a flaw in the constitution, and which stands for the democracy of seats and not democracy of votes. imagine, PPP doesnot have more than 20% vote bank but yet they come in power because of the seats. if you analyse how many votes were casted to them you will find that these were less than 30% of the total votes casted and around 70% of the votes were collectively taken by other parties. thus the result was that they captured the power. this kind of constitution was drawn by ZA Bhutto and associates and do you think that public was consulted or taken into confidence?

    over top of that thanks to the division of religious parties and muslim league, they themselves provided the seats to PPP on the plate due to their internal conflicts and disagreements.

    under such circumstances, if you go to elections for next 100 years, i bet only PPP and their like minded will win the seats. they are much happy on the split of rival parties and this way they would always come to power.

    i also think that no judge, no army general can ever reverse this flaw in constitution and the nation has to live with these corrupt people. only ALLAH swt can change the whole situation provided people start praying and change themselves.

  • Muslim ALi

    Be positive, Yar



  • http://xxx anis

    leave the Mehar, and leve the Kamurzaman just see the how expensive vehicle they are using in Pakistan. price is 75,00000. these are Pakistani Politician and their expenditures. On the other side country is drown in flood water. God bless Pakistan..

  • Pakistani Janawars

    LOL you beghairats have a long history of producing world class whores, so this is nothing new or out of the ordinary. Another product of your's is making rounds as the cultural icon of Pakistan, she is known as Meera from Heera LOL

  • Munsif Ali

    why our nation is sick and impatient to tolerate the diversity,if she smokes or any one else,its their own choice,who the hell are we to induce our mind into others life.Come on guys,show some grace and respect to diversity and life style of others.The personal traits or individual's style of life is none of business of any one.Dont show over righteous and narrow approach by denouncing any thing which is not favorite to you.

  • watch this one
  • khalid

    Definitely Meher Bokhari is american paid slut. Why Taliban do not take care of her? Her video footage in US embassy is a solid proof that she is their pet.

  • Peace

    kadam bhrao Mehar Bokhari

    Black Water waley tumharey sath hein.

  • mehr bukhari

    Sigar to mein ney liya hey

    tumharey pet mein kyoon dar horaha hey

  • Shame on those

    it doesn't matter for people who smoke and who call their self modern muslim.

    but it does matter for islam and specailly if this video made in Ramadan.

    is this our prophet SAW told us

    to send your daughter ,sister and mother like this

    you people totally forget islam which our Prophet SAW give us.

    you choose your religion and destiny.

    “Those who took their religion as a diversion and a game, and were deluded by the life of the world.

    Today We will forget them just as they forgot the encounter of this Day and denied Our Signs.”

    (Surat al-A’raf: 51)

    Sharm any chieyh logoun ko kistara key comments or rating they day rahey hain

    aby bee azab nay aye tu kab aye ga pakistan per

  • mehr bukhari


    Chota sigar

    Chal dor

    Brey aae chotey sigar waley


  • Viewer

    Is hadding me izafa ye b Karain K ye HARKAT ROZAY MAIN ho rahi hai







    Bilkul hi Sharam nai aai

  • Peace

    Mehro ko sigar mil gya sumjho amn ho gya

    Mehkma Black Water

    Hakomtey Amrica

  • Peace

    Sidha sigar hi pakar liya, wo bhi sub key samney

    tujhey sharam na zara bhi aae, tujhey ab kiya kehna

  • shoaib

    mehr bukhari mujh se be cigrette lo na.

    but black water ke mukable main mera cigrette to chotta sa masla hai.


    She is a slut. planted by black water amongst us. what she does is none of our affair or matter. what we must keep in mind is treat them as to what they are…. dirty, low down sluts on the payroll of americans she as asma sherazi

  • shoaib

    Bahio abi ageage dekhie..

    cigaretts ke bad aur bee bahot kuch kareen ge.2 number ke 10 number leaders.behn ch……………………

  • Tipuhonest

    YEAH roa he big supporter of Govt, same thing which we are using in cricket lol… yeah one thing i'm agree with roa that grow up these corrupt politians u want from jabworiyat, so pakistan hooo yah nah hoo jabworiyat hoo nee chaiyah beacause yah bhi jabworiyat ka hoosoon hai Pa G.

  • Peace

    Islami Jumhurī-ye Pakistan

  • Peace
  • rao

    Quid-e-Azam use to smoke ciggar , was he corrupt ? smoking does make anyone corrupt .. so GROW UP … if smomking make someone whore then what you say about half of pakistan who smokes ciggerate ?

  • king

    bull shit she is a fukin whore…rao say wotever u liberal minded peple tum logon ki wajah say allah azab mai dala huwa hai sab ko…..

  • rao

    ok she smokes so what ? whats the big deal ? thousand of pakistani smoke ciggerate ..if a MAN smokes that its alright no big deal … but a WOMAN somkes then she must be a whore ? wow wata logic .. grow up ppl

  • KHAN

    after watching her black water video i was convinced she is a whore