Look at the Protocol, even in Flood – what to expect from them!

Look at the Protocol, even in Flood – what to expect from them!

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  1. Ali says:

    mulk kin halat ma ha or ye hukmran protocol pe naz kr rhy han Allah in sab ko gark kry or phir in ko pta chaly ga k protocol kya ha garib awam ka khoon choos rhy han ye sb bus yehi iltja ha k in sab ko Allah gark kry Ameen

  2. Pakistani Janawars says:

    Jahil Bilal, how is this an Azmaish? you dick sucking idiot. This thing is going on for 62 years in the filthy history of this wretched cuntry, get it CUNTRY. But you are too big a motherfucker to realize this, fuck these people, no need for UN or USA or Arabs to give these bastards any money. They like their butts to be raped by jahil Punjabi and Sindhi jagirdars. So fuck you and fuck yoru kind. NO AID PERIOD.

  3. Everyone plz do read haroon rasheed,s column in today,s(18,8,10) jung news about imran khan……….

  4. Ali says:


  5. A.Faraz says:

    every action have a reaction " Newton theory explains; We all have seen that , the leaders provided unloyalty so people provided double to this as to cheating , unsafety carelessness by their dead emotions on leaders…

  6. abdullah says:

    fittayyyyy mooooon in logooon ky upper…. jooo itnayyy buraayyy halaaat main bhiii itniiii security kay sath phir rahay hain…. jitnaaa paisa inky protocol ky uper lagta hy agar gareeboon py lagain to kitnyyy problems solve hoo jain…laikin apni aiyaashii ziyadaa zarooorii hy…huh…..

  7. Kiani_ge says:

    inn burre halat se nikalne ke lie sab se zeadah jis cheez ki zaroorat he woh yeh he,




    KOI bhi hammari maddad nei karna chahta balke ham khud bhi apni maddad nei karne chate COZ



  8. Muhammad Bilal Javai says:

    mere bhaiyo Yeh Allah Ki azmaesh hai hum pe bas……………………

  9. Muhammad Bilal Javai says:

    Pakistani janwar sb these pathans r backbone of Pakistan,Punjabians ki wajah se aap bhokhay nai sooo ge Balochistan se humain gas milti hai aur Sindhiyoun k pas sea hai inn sab ko milain toh banta hai Pakistan…………InshaAllah kabie jo tabah nai ho ga aap jaise sirf tausab phelatay hain hum sab ek hain kabie aap apnay country Bharat ko kahain k humain cher k dekhe Humain aap ki gandi bakwas se humain koi faraq nai parta balkay aap apnay waledain ki tarbiat dekha rahe hain humain…………………..raha sawal iss video ka toh inn ko Allah pochay ga Roz-e-Qayamat……………………aur aap k dil pe toh Mere Allah ne Mohar Laga de hai Aap jaise non Muslims he Dozakh ka Indhan Hon ge…………InshaAllah

  10. Pakistani says:

    lanat hy asi govt per jo girab ki madad bi show off kar k karte hain…..

  11. IMRAN KAYANI says:

    Allah ka azab dekho aur inn leaders ko dekho,lanat ho aise leders par, chullo bar pani ma dhobe k maro

  12. poki says:

    Pakistani Janawars: Yeh Allah ka azab hai. Lakin jo loog is azab se suffer kar rahay hain those people have the least or nothing to do with the outcomes which led to azab on them.

    Ham loog jo un par is azab ka bais banay hain, jo pakkay makanon main rehtay hain yeh Allah ki taraf se ham per warning hai. Ham phir bhi nahi samajhtay.

  13. Angry Man says:


  14. bbb says:

    aur do iss ko vote if these ppl have any sense they should burn him & his gov. alive

    but alas they all are same ooper se neechay tak. everyone a zardari in himself.

  15. waqas says:

    lanat ho aise president pe.jitni garian protocol k sath hein in mein se half agar flood victim k liye sale kr k un k pese in victims ko de diye jein tu atleast aik gaon reconstruct ho sakta hay, kis president k house k daily ka 1 lac ka kharcha ho ga us ne kisi k liye kia krna hay…

    shame on u mr.presidnt infact mr 10%

  16. Abubakr says:

    that's the reason that despite we are are suffering a lot but no one is trusting on us and we are getting nothing from world. which politician is in this video

  17. Syed Farhan Ali says:

    nalat on these corrput pakistani politions..may allah destroy them in this flood..blood sucker of pakistani nation.

  18. Pakistani Janawars says:

    The Pathans of Pakhtun Khowar are being punished by God for bonking the butt holes of little kids and being so violent, while the Punjabis are being punished for selling their mothers and sisters in Hera Mandi LaWhore. There you have it folks.

    Why the fuck should I give my hard earned money to these scum of the earth who totally deserves all this. I say fuck them and leave them in their filth.

    Zardari will fuck all the punjabis, wait and see.

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