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News Watch 30th June 2010

News Watch 30th June 2010
Action Of Chief Justice On Custom Scandal, President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari Address With Centenary, Function In Sawat And Much More.





  • A.faraz

    1st of july 2010:

    1)The rehabilitation of sawat is a nice news. Hope this shall cultivate an amazing onset.

    2_)Well I appreciate the prim minister for his open heart to encourage the justice and making efforts for the transparency :Hope he shall not mind into close examination of his real fellas and providing the reason that “ how he can go to motivate all party members to remain calm during these efforts and show the appropriate discipline and respect for the public welfare and public interest.”

    3)As we got in brief the “abnormality rose on exchange of duties among judiciaries” due to misunderstanding:

    Ayaz Sumro” (Minister of law is not ready to leave his seat by agreement and by witnesses)

    Facts No1 : 16 and 16 vote was tie position:

    Fact No2 : 30th of june 2010 was the last date of Ayaz Sumro.

    Fact No3 : Established fact on equal tie or media declaration for 6 months tenure only.

    Fact No4 : sumro served his turn and now needs to head off.

    Fact no 4: Sumro’s position for further maintaining seems not the need of jobs position.

    Fact no5: Sumro shall commit offense if shall not leave seat by termination of his job time:

    Fact no6: All professional positions needs to make for period of short turn over for better results and accelerated justice.

    Fact no 7: there is no civil suit for gain of position from next candidate while tradition serves the right of balance and responsibility.(media)

    Ayaz Sumro (Ex-Law Minister) shall gain respect more and can make a trail of new honest culture by welcoming the next position holder and private matters should not bring into professional responsibilities.

    Bar Associations are targets of current positioned government to cover.

    Ali Mohammad Dehri.

    “I want to do some thing for constitution”

    Mehmoodul Hassan. said. “All claims had no proof, by any one, even by any mean”

    Somro claimed for over expenditure and leak of money on Mehmoodul Hassan. While the facts figured out against to it.

  • arsalik

    Who is this Zardari? Head of looters, dacoits. fake degree holders and protectors of fraudulent personnel, How he thinks so shamelessly, a common man can not imagine. In his speeches he should tell to the nation, why benazeer never alloewed him to take part in politics. If he was so loyal to the nation we then he was confined to home and bibi (whose death has been very beneficial to him) did not allow him to accompany her in her country wide campaign, or if he himself chose to remain away from bibi, why he did so when every body knew that she had many threats. Now when he is misusing the name and death of bibi why he says that he will not take her revenge. Is this the loyalty to bibi and party. These are the questions those should actually be asked by JIALAS ( Not the fake and beneficiary so called Jialas and they will even never ask these question from him because they all knew the fact). If he knew the murderer then why is he hiding them (or in other words protecting them) and why has he wasted million of dollars on baseless investigation through UNO that can be spent on poor JIALAS who has no access to him or his defenders so that they can live easily during this neck breaking and artificially created load shedding, joblessness and dearness. No person with a little sense about economy will favour the benazeer welfare program which is equal to give bheek to the poor person and keeping them poorer. In fact this program seems to one of the corruption programs, that is why conscious and honest finance ministers did not support and chose to leave this government. Only the corrupt people are clinging to him and sucking the blood of this nation without feeling shame despite being declared fraud, corrupt and dishonest. Zardari should declare to the nation, whether he and his defender are more important than nation. What has he done for a common man security. He and his defenders and supporters live in bulletproof vehicles and are seen in suits and neckties even in summer whilst nation has been thrown to sweat in heat and darkness. It is now for a common man to think whether a person who does fraud with nation by winning election with a fake degree and break the law can do any thing goon for nation. If the corruption supporters Babar, Malik, Dasti, and Jat like persons can have favour and can enjoy forgiveness despite courts decision then why the jails are full with those persons whose crimes are even less than these people. Where are the JIalas who can ask all these questions from these so called Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttos followers. I am a big fan of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. and know what kaind of personality and mind that man had. These people are actually not enlightening that Bhutto's name but are throwing that name into everlasting darkness. Jialas should search for the true Bhutto lovers and support them.

    A common man (JIALAS) should support court and media and lawyers movement at this time to get rid of this corrupt group otherwise




  • http://zemtv.net saleem

    Very funny, the most corrupt person in the world telling other rules and regulation.