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  • Molvi Asif Hussain S

    Pakistani qaum ko jamhooriyat raas hi nahin aati, lihaza tamam bud diyanat siyasatdanon

    ko mera qeemti mashwara hai ki apna boriya bister bandh kar rakhen. Jo nahin bhag paayega woh bud qismat hoga.

  • jave

    Dear Javed Ch. Sahib if we don't call it corruption by the 'lawless' minister in the very presence of an "independent judiciary" then we accept the reality that even the independence of judiciary is succumbed to Awan's tactics. It is very disappointing and sad that a minister is openly giving away millions to buy loyalties of the members of the bar councils. It makes one forget the president's money laundering cases.

    In my view the supreme court seems to be helpless to implement its verdict or to stop any initiative by any minister in of the present government to undermine the importance of SC decisions. As the time passes the significance of the cases against the president and others fades away. In fact the delay has emboldened the government to legally sideswipe SC orders.

    Awan's strategy is to divert attention of the SC from the core issues and to create a warlike situation or crises in the country that would dilute the SC orders or more brilliantly to divide the judiciary.