Exclusive: Zakir Naik on UK ban

Posted on June 21, 2010 Exclusive Videos

Dr. Zakir Naik responds by disproving accusations, providing context for his statements, and exposing the hypocrisy of the British government. The British government sends the exclusion letter to Dr. Zakir Naik with context while selectively quoting Dr. Zakir Naik out of context in the media.

The Islamic Research Foundation said in a statement: “It is deeply regrettable the British Government has bowed to pressure from sectarian and Islamophobic pressure groups by preventing the entry of Dr Zakir Naik, who has been visiting and delivering talks in the United Kingdom for the past 15 years.

“Dr Zakir Naik is undoubtedly an opponent of terrorism and as such has often spoken out against all acts of violence and violent extremism.

“He has emphatically and unequivocally condemned the killing of civilians and is one of the world’s regular noted orators on this topic.

“In the wake of the exclusion order and based on legal advice, Dr Zakir Naik intends to bring the matter before the High Court… and request a judicial review to have the exclusion order overturned.”