Hum Sab Umeed se hein 18th June 2010


Hum Sab Umeed se hein 18th June 2010-Geo Tv

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    I like this website as it can enable us to see and save our favorite programs.


    hum sab umeed say hain . realy reflection of our daily leadership life . those do not awar about the real life of common person.

    i think one day will come to change. imran and judesiort and army are the last ume e d , if not sucses , blood shed will come.

  • Mirza Shehryar Raza

    Dear Administrator:

    i beg to say that please put a bar in the video for the pause and stop of the program.i shall be very thankful to you.

    Yours affectionately

    Mirza Shehryar Raza