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Is Hamid Meer a CIA Agent ? Watch And Decide

It’s now time that we must realize our true enemies. Hamid Mir, the host of Capital Talk on Geo TV is definitely involved in spreading lies, disinformation among the Pakistani public to demoralize them. As Zaid Hamid says, he is indeed a CIA agent

Important Notice: ZemTv.Com Is not associated with this report, Thats why we have left the decision with you people



    i agree hamid only make fool people as zaid-hamid making fool to the youth,

    both have same agenda to make happy their lords.

    hamid mir and other tv anchor person only create tension among their guests. to cath the maxmimum audians attension, so that they can get more addvertisement at the highest rate.

    but hamid mir, kashif, shahid masood,naseem zehra, jasmeen, danish. and mehreen bukhari are wrost and meanest anchor person of world. they have no ethics, no codes. that how to make talk show in a good way.they only creat the wwe talk show.

  • M Avais

    Well …………. in my opinion you are not clear in your mind whom you wanna blame and declare culprit either Hamid Mir or Geo.

    You have gathered some sayings of different people and tried to reconstitute a new myth which may bring some misinterpretations to the minds of some but not all.

    Those who watch Geo programmes regularly they can differntiate easily between a CIA agent and a patriot.

  • bobby

    The biggest CIA agent in Pakistan is Zahid mir and company who is also the biggest liar and is deceiving the youth of Pakistan. Such people should be banned and jailed for spreading false propaganda.

  • http://apniisp.com muhammad

    Hamid Mir jo kuch keh chuka hai wo hi sach hai

    wo CIA ka agent nahi is clip ko create krne wala band CIA ka Agent ho sakta hai

    Awam ko haqeeat se aagah krna achi baat hai

    Sab Polititions America k Agents hain

    Pakistan ka to Khuda hi Hafiz hai

    film maker kisi nihayat hi ghtaya family ka insaan lagta hai

    jis main haqeeqat ko face krne ki himmat nahi hai

    Go to hell idiots

  • faiz khan

    ye jo kehra ha hai sach hai is mai SIA ki koi bat nahi gareb loog marra he hai aur armi sirf begunah logo ko marte hai …..

  • Wasim@Barcelona

    AOA, sorry to say it’s only a rubbish report and no one is going to accept nor believe in such reports as its only a single sided report. So it’s a request to you (ZEMTV) please don’t upload such videos or reports that have no solid source because it will affect your rating.

  • Mohid

    All of you who have written against and in favor of Hamid Meer never thought of one thing that CIA should have several offices in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Why would they hire Hamid Meer or any other Pakistani. They know should know Pakistan very well within and outside and this is no secret. Please don't just waste your time.

    His good contacts does not mean that he is CIA agent. Did you people forget BLACKWATER in Pakistan. I wish you would write about it.

  • zain

    hahahahahahah.akhir shaikh rasheed nai apna jalwa dekha he dia.mere bhaio ye sab drama hai .hamid mir 1 sucha muslman aor na dar insaan hai.laikin ye he hamari badkismati hai k jo banda pakistani awam ka bhala chahta hai yahe corrupt siastdan oske dushman hotate hai aor hamari bewaqoof awam to siasatdano k baton mai buhat jaldi ajate hai.hamid mir saab ne azaad adlia k liye kitni jedojehad ki kia hamari awam wo bhool choki hai?ALLAH hum sab pakistanio ko aqal ata farmaye AMIN.

  • http://nil TONY HASAN

    Plz don't show your back ground to others. You Check the number of viewers of Capital Talk after this program and see if these are decreasing or increasing or constant. If same is non decreasing means Zaid Hamid, the writer and their followers bears all those bad qualities which are attributed to Hamid Mir and vice versa. How ever the writer seems tobe illiterate in view of spelling mistakes there in. GEO is presenting best programs mostly against govt and Zardari led peoples party and not against original poor workers' people's party. So plz be humble; every one has opinion, and even if you don't agree, plz give respect to others opinion. By the way why writers say dont watch Geo? It's fun to see Geo. If you watch old program of Kamran Khan kay sath, it will reveal that he pointed out correct issues of nation like Pakistan Steel Mil and many more. He is showing mirror to every politician by showing their past inter views. Is he doing bad. Why "ZEHAR HAI HAMID MIR" for Zaid Hamid.I have seen on different TV channels showing hoisting Pakistani flags in differrent areas in the tribal belt of Pakistan where they restored the writ of Pakistani Government meaning thereby in the past there was not so. Then what lies Hamid mir said Mr. Zaid Hamid? During Musharraf regime it was said Taliban are few KM away from Islamabad. Then nothing came on ZEM TV IF he is CIA agent and speak lieas then go and sue him in court of law. This you wont do because you have no case. OH you NADANOO please come out of paradise of Ahmaqeens. GEO knows what is demand of public and what they want to see. Bhutto had same knowledge. Rangeela (late) had the same awareness. Those who dont have this trairt, like you peaople, they are bound to fail. There is is no necessity of Jewish lobby or west to harm Pakistan, when Pakistani muslims are killing Sikh, chirstians, Shia, sunni ullema and general public by target killing and suicide bombing. These non sense suicide bombers think they will go in jannat but Zehar Hamid sorry Zaid Hamid do not say a word against suicide bombers. Tumhara Khuda hi hafiz. TONY from Calgary

  • bari



    try to find a video of the dead taliban or the snaps

    try to find the photos of the number 2 or number 3 which you have been told have died in sawat.

    if you can't find them then just be assured that nothing like this exists there.

  • AG Rana

    Zaid Hamid and his followers often declare him CIA agent. This is just non sense and no reality.

  • KHAN

    hamid meer k koi deen iman ka pata nahi chalta bas miri khial mi piso ka yar hay. pisi du tu ap k haq mi b program kar sakta hay.

    ic ku kic ni kahan k banu c kuhat tak ka alaqa pakistan c chala gia ?????????? afsos politations aur ic type k anchor quuum ku baywaquf banani mi agi hay.

  • Syed

    Whoever made this video, I respect his opinion. He might be right but unfortunately this video does not prove it. Giving an example of Sheikh Rashid made the entire video ridiculous because Sheikh sahib himself has zero credibility.

    Nevertheless, one has to think that it was Geo who telecast the fake video related to Ajmal Qassab and the woman beaten up by a man. Later we came to realize that both of those videos were actually crafted. So undoubtedly, Geo has this negative reputation. But when I see programs like mere mutabiq by Dr. Shahid Masood, it seems that they really are trying to show the dark side of the politicians to everyone. All we can do is just wait for the time when the truth unveils itself…..

  • http://www.quranteaching.com Quran Racitation

    I think it's fake.

  • shan

    hamid mir sala paisa khata hy usko qom kee kia parwa …. ye cia aur raw ka agent hee to hy isee ley alqaida, taliban aur mulla izm ko permote kerta hy aur hamaree brave army ko disgrace kerta hy haramee sala hamid mir

  • maacars

    This is absolutely ridiculous. For those who want to fill their appetite with all these non sense conspiracies, get a life. The guy who made this video cant even spell "LEING". Its "LYING".

    Just because Hamid Mir said that the Army is killing the civilians and not the talibans, doesnt mean he is a CIA agent. There are many people who were against the Army Operation in the first place. Does it mean they are all CIA and RAW agents?

    Maybe Hamid Mir was wrong when he reported that Pakistan has lost those areas but this in any way does not indicate that he was doing this intentionally.