Basant Bokata – Special Program by geo news

Basant Bokata – Special Program by geo news

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Basant Bokata - Special Program by geo news, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. imran khaliq says:

    i can challenge that basant was the most colourful and enjoyable festival of this world. if any of foreigner will come to lahore and see this festival . he can never forget it but unfortunately our so-called leader r taking every happiness from us one by one the problem is chemical dour which is very harmful and these people know who make this kind of dour we should make a strick law and would hang those people and firing should be allowed on basant it is easy if goverment will have a will but unfortunately they just want to take our happiness and dont want to do their duties .they should try to make this festival peaceful but banning this festival is not right thing to do . they should allow us to have basannt for only 3 days and would make a strick laws about bansant but for god sake let us have any happiness and let us live

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